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 There are many tools and tips that we want to share that concern the issues of privacy and being safe when online. We hope to highlight news items that concern us all.

One of the basic beliefs we hold that information should be free and that restriction of information and the right to privacy of the individual is important when using the internet.  

 We believe in Net Neutrality and also against mass surveillance. The NSA and  others are exploiting weak links in Internet security to spy on the entire world, twisting the Internet we love into something it was never meant to be: a panopticon.

 So we hope you find the information here useful.


We are also on this site have a mish mash of articles ranging from game cabinet builds to websign service.



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It may seem odd afther giving advice on how to stop advertising on certain websites but it is what pays the bills. So if your an ecthical run comapny we would more than be happy to take your product and service and advertise it on our website.
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