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Net Neutrality Supporters Occupy Google

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 24, supporters of net neutrality established a protest occupation on the grounds of Google Headquarters, in Mountain View, CA.

The group of demonstrators released the following statement on their website -

"We are assembled to pressure Google to take action and protect net neutrality in order to maintain an open internet. We believe the internet must remain as a space:

  1. Without discrimination against users
  2. Without censorship of content
  3. Without access fees

We are among many who are wary that a proposal by the FCC to regulate the Internet could lead to censorship of content by Internet Service Providers. An open letter directed at the FCC was signed by dozens of major technology corporations including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Their letter claims that the proposed changes to regulation “represent a grave threat to the internet.”

Unrestricted access to information is a cornerstone of democracy. Our actions today will define the information available in our society tomorrow. The occupation of Google Headquarters aims to generate momentum nationwide to defend net neutrality and the open Internet.

We call on anyone in solidarity with the open internet to join us in this occupation.

The demonstrators have invited, “all those concerned with maintaining the Internet as a free and horizontal communication platform to join us here at 6pm every day for a general assembly to discuss how to move forward in defending Internet freedom.”

A page from their website states, “The truth is that the internet is quickly becoming the greatest catalyst for transforming the world we live in. It is through these tools that we have recently seen governments & corporations challenged, entire political systems revamped, and new innovations birthed.

We are taking action to defend the Internet as our public commons.”

On July 10th we are calling for an online day of action to demand Net Neutrality.