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There is literary thousands of Open Source software out there but what programs are actually useful and what people use.

So here is a list of software we use, not all is Open Source but nevertheless very useful. One thing we have noticed is that people are aware of these programs but also are the spammers and hackers so a search on Google click the wrong link and your installing the wrong one which can lead to all sorts of problems!
But still be aware that even on some of the links below there may be adverts and links to software you don't want or need and espiacelly if they use a software download service.

Most of the list below have versions not just for Windows bu Macs and Linux.

Antivirus, malware proctection

Office - word processer, spreadsheet etc


 Password recovery

  • Want to recovery those passwords you forgotton but you know they there hiding on your system well go to for the answers.


0 #1 John 2016-02-22 11:08
Very useful list